About us

UGA Biopharma is a passionate and ambitious enterprise in the area of mammalian cell line development for biologic manufacturing. UGA is a full service provider for the generation of research cell banks (RCB) and GMP master cell banks (MCB). We also offer modular services throughout the workflow, such as contract development of upstream processing (USP), downstream processing (DSP) and analytics.
We recently launched a proprietary, optimized expression vector system, and we have an exclusive sourcing channel for new and innovative media, which outperform commercial media and are offered with an extremely attractive pricing structure. In addition, we aim to serve any customer need with respect to consulting, technology transfer and customized analytical assay development. Our customer determines the scope of the project!


UGA is a privately owned enterprise founded 2009 in Hennigsdorf (Germany). Since that time, our expertise has been constantly developing and expanding with an international team of now more than 32 permanent employees. A solid customer base ensures constant and solid growth.

Mission and Vision

UGA`s mission is to deliver high-end contract services that satisfy and exceed customer expectation. Good business practices and transparency in all aspects of client relationships are our core values and are essential for our philosophy and continued success. Our vision is to maintain UGA`s growth by supplying premium services and products to the cell culture community. With our dedication to constantly improve our operations, we see ourselves as a reputable and prosperous player known for quality and reliability.

Quality Commitment

Currently, we are implementing a quality management system that is based on the ICH Q10 regulation. This model assures products and services of appropriate quality are provided and delivered in compliance with regulations. To meet this commitment, UGA Biopharma encourages a quality-focused culture to ensure safe, efficient and reliable products and services for our customers and stakeholders. Each person at UGA Biopharma is made accountable for ensuring product and service quality.

Senior Management

UGA Biopharma`s senior management has compelling international expertise in biopharmaceutical contract services. All departments are headed by carefully selected and experienced scientists with extraordinary academic and corporate backgrounds.

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