Project setup for our clients, which follows the "one stop shop" concept, covers all steps of successful cell line development for biosimilars. Our clients receive full service implementation by UGA.


  • Acquisition of originator and characterization
  • Cell line development
  • Development of upstream processing (USP), downstream processing (DSP) and analytical methods
  • Final cell bank release, with comprehensive documentation (including bioassays)

Our Key to high titer and biosimilarity

  • Seven months from gene to RCB, with a tailor-made project workflow
  • Various CHO host cell lines
  • High-yield expression vector system
  • Proprietary, in-house media and feeds (chemically defined, protein-free)
  • Process optimization in parallel bioreactor systems and scale-up to 5 liters
  • Close interaction with in-house purification and analytical department, ensuring high similarity
  • Compliant documentation according to guidelines (BSE/TSE safety, ICH Q5B, Q5D and EMA/410/01)


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