First CHOice® medium & feeds 

Optimal cell growth – maximum expression

Our First CHOice® medium is a highly productive cell culture medium optimized for mammalian cells growing in suspension.

The components of First CHOice® are optimally balanced and facilitate excellent cell growth as well as high productivity in batch and fed-batch processes.

Our First CHOice® quality commitment:

  • Chemically defined products
  • No animal-derived components

The First CHOice® media platform has been developed in close cooperation with customers and partners using CHO‑S, CHO‑DG44 and CHO‑K1 cell lines. It minimizes formation of stress-induced metabolic products such as lactate and ammonium, and ensures high product quality and cell viability.

The First CHOice® Medium, the First CHOice® Feed Alpha and First CHOice® Feed Beta are available in powder form and as ready-to-use liquids.

uga biopharmas first choice medium
uga biopharmas first choice feed alpha
uga biopharmas first choice feed beta

If you have any questions concerning our First CHOice® technology platform, please get in touch!