Ready-to-use cell lines

The fastest route to a biosimilar

Our ready-to-use (R2U) CHO-based cell lines provide you with a highly efficient and fast route to your own biosimilar. We have applied our longstanding expertise in our laboratory in Hennigsdorf to develop premium cell lines that satisfy exacting quality standards.

We provide the required documentation relating to the cell line development and the contact materials and reagents used. In addition to this, we certify the quality of our cell lines, e.g. for sterility and absence of mycoplasma.

Charge variant profiles*
N-glycan profiles*

To ensure full and complete documentation of the productivity of our ready-to-use cell lines, we supply you with all information on the titer and quality of the product and, where required, give you access to reference material from comparative studies between the original molecule and biosimilar.

(International Nonproprietary Names)
Adalimumab> 8 g/L
Alglucosidase> 3 g/L
Bevacizumab> 5 g/L
Daratumumab> 5 g/L
Dupilumab> 7 g/L
Emicizumab> 400 mg/L
Follitropin> 800 mg/L
Mepolizumab> 5 g/L
Nivolumab> 5 g/L
Pertuzumab> 5 g/L
Ustekinumab> 3 g/L

… and many more**

Are you interested in our ready-to-use cell lines? We look forward to hearing from you!

* Exemplary illustration, specific comparative studies available on request
** Disclaimer: Biosimilar cell lines are only available for experimental use relating to the subject-matter of the patented invention or for studies and trials necessary to obtain a marketing authorization for medicinal products in accordance with Art. 11 No. 2 and 2b of the German Patent Act, but not in any larger quantities, nor for any other purposes.