Downstream Processing

Quality guarantee for optimal end products

After production of the target molecules (monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), enzymes, complex glycoproteins or hormones), a pivotal step in obtaining high-purity biologics or biosimilars is their isolation and purification from the complex mixture of host cell proteins, cells and cell residues, nutrients and metabolic products. To this end, we develop cost-efficient, customized, and scalable protein purification processes. In this context, our downstream processing (DSP) experts identify critical quality attributes (CQA) throughout the purification process, using specific analytical techniques. The ongoing quality control during the downstream process development guarantees the final product quality.

Our services in downstream processing:
  • Various chromatographic methods: affinity, IEX, HIC and multimodal chromatography
  • Wide range of formats: from 96-well filter plates to column format
  • Use of state-of-the-art FPLC (ÄKTA)* and UF/DF systems
  • Seamless technology transfer to our customers
  • Product quality monitoring throughout the DSP process
Our quality commitment:
  • Experience with various classes of recombinant proteins, e.g. enzymes, peptide hormones and antibodies (e.g. IgGs)
  • Reproducible, scalable and cost-efficient DSP process
  • Established mAb platform process
  • Customized purification processes
  • Short development time parallel to cell line development
  • Fully traceable documentation

Our team is on hand to advise you on any aspects of downstream processing.

* ÄKTA is a registered trademark of Cytiva.